The Multidisciplinary Meeting

My dear readers, I apologise for the lack of blog posts in the past month but I didn’t have anything to report, plus I had put on a few pounds so my motivation and self love had hit a big low. But things are on the up and I have news to report.

For those of you who don’t know my bariatric journey, I will be having my surgery on the UK’s National Health Service so I have to go through a certain process before I get on the operating table.

I have completed my 6 month compulsory weight management programme and as a result I have been passed over to the surgical team to prepare and undergo my bariatric surgery.

Once I was passed over to the surgical team I had to wait for an appointment to meet the surgical multidiscipline team. Last week I had my appointment which consisted of meeting 4 medical professionals who will be heavily involved in my care/surgery.

First up was a consultant anaesthetist, this lady was a very serious yet very pleasant lady who is obviously well respected in her field. She was very to the point, but was happy with the answers and information I gave and in her opinion she would be happy for me to progress forward to surgery.

Next up was the Surgical consultant himself, he again was very pleasant and again straight to the point, however he was slightly more personable than his colleague. He looked through all my notes and the result of my liver biopsy and made the decision there and then that I would need and would be having a Gastric Bypass. I was happy with his choice as he knows best, plus as long as it wasn’t a Gastric Band I would have accepted his choice anyway. So he told me there and then that he would be putting me on the waiting list for my Gastric Bypass.

I then had to see a Nurse Consultant, who I still am unsure of what she actually wanted from me, all I remember is that she told me that the weight I was that day is the heaviest I was allowed to be and if I had put weight on I wouldn’t be having my surgery. Talk about pressure right there!! But at least I know what weight I must remain under.

Lastly I met with the surgical team dietician who was the loveliest lady, she was really impressed with the changes that I have made to my life and diet and she told me I was a model patient who had grabbed my chance with both hands and was a pleasure to work with and she wished that others were as dedicated to change as I was.

So that was all of the multidisciplinary team and I am still awaiting my letter to confirm everything that was agreed on the day, but I am not worried about that. I am really excited to receive my call from the Specialist Nurse to tell me to start my milk diet and give me my surgical date.

Its just a waiting game now, and I cant say I am the most patient of people but I know my time is coming and so very soon I will be on the losers bench having changed my life unrecognisably.

Watch this space!!!!

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